Sunday, September 13, 2015

Front Porchin'

Our neighborhood is super small, but some of these front porches are so cute. In fact, last Christmas, Shownjamin and I went a little Deck the Halls [one of my favorite holiday movies] in hopes of having the cutest front yard on the block. 

I decided our front porch needed some sprucing up because fall is here and apparently I'm super basic {not even mad about it}. I did some Pinteresting....and here and here is what had me ~PINSPIRED~ because topiaries are everything.

  • WINE - tonight's choice was Barefoot Red Moscato 
  • A fancy pot that you have lying around - but if you have a black thumb [like me] you can make your own with 2 Terra Cotta Pots, 8.25" and 4.25"
  • 3 foam pumpkins that will fit in your pot
  • Spray paint for the pots [I used Rustoleum Max in Hammered Brown] and pumpkins [Krylon Maxx in Almond]
  • Bamboo Skewers 
  • Floral moss/fall leaves/whatever decor you like [mine is all from Dollar Tree]
  • Hot Glue gun....and sticks
  • X-acto knife [EXACT ZERO for Lego Movie lovers, and yes- mine is pink]
  • An area to spray paint set up by your husband who doesn't like you touching his garage stuff 

The first thing I did was to yank out the stems of the pumpkins and use my X-acto knife to remove any blemishes on the pumpkins. Our Wal-Mart had apparently been wiped clean of good foam pumpkins by other basic gals, so mine kinda sucked.

Once I had everything ready to go, I relocated to my designated spray paint area. I was really pleased with how they were turning out, until two lovebugs landed on my pumpkin. REALLY...

It took about three coats of paint for the pumpkins and just one with touch ups for the pots. I've never used the hammered spray paint before, but I am ~obsessed~ with how it turned out. Once everything dried, I started to put it together. I flipped the little pot upside down, and hot glued the big pot to it. 

Then I moved to the pumpkins. I just used some cake pop sticks I had lying around and stuck them into the pumpkins to stack then on top of one another. Easy peasy. 

Before putting the pumpkins into the pot, I wanted to add some fluff. I took the floral moss from the Dollar Tree and hot glued it into the inside of the pot. This helped to hold the pumpkins in place too. Then I put the pumpkins in. In between each pumpkin, I just added some leaves I had laying around [again, Dollar Tree]. From there, I tied a bow with some burlap and ribbon. True life: I actually suck at bows and use hot glue to hold them in place.

I feel a little more prepared for fall now that I've added to our front porch. Next weekend I plan to tackle my first burlap wreath - and Trader Joe's has a Rose I've been dying to try. For now a Sbux trip for a PSL sounds perf :) 

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  1. Super cute! I need some Fall inspiration for my very empty porch!